The Beginning

There once was a hash, called Dublin Hash House Harriers, where some of their members had a brilliant idea to host an event in 2017.
Mainly to show off Ireland as well as lovely Co. Wicklow.

So the Irish Nash Hash was the event to have!

The venue is in a fantastic location just within reach of Dublin. So not in the city but still far enough away that it can easily be reached.

We are promising a fantastic weekend, with great accommodation, food, drink , runs, games and much more!

The rego fee includes all of this. So why not sign up and join us in May 2017?!

The date is 12-14 May 2017.

Now you are wondering what the fee is?


  • €220 until end of December
  • €240 from 1st Jan 2017
  • €260 from 1st April 2017

Rego Form

Stay tuned into the website for further updates as we have hashers signing up and of course a ‘whos cumming’ blog post too ( that will be updated once a week)



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