The place that we will be having for the weekend is nestled in the lush green hills of County Wicklow. It is a holiday village and we will be having it ALL TO OURSELVES!
No other people will be there, only us hashers! Now if that doesn’t sound like a good place.

Then there is something wrong with you 😉

There will be enough acreage to run around like mad yokes, a hall will be available for our use, where the food, games and drinking shall be taking place.

Nearby haunted bog with a fairy fort can be explored ( at your own risk, bring your own garlic along). A beach less than 3km away, with fantastic scenery and fresh air, this is the place to be in May for hashers!

Ideal runs through nature, without having to consider or be worried that paths may cross with non-hashers.

Don’t need overpriced pubs, as we will be having our own alcohol on site. Self contained village. Fabulous weekend!





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