Welcome Hashers to the official Irish Nash Hash 2017 site!

The event will be taking place in the lush rolling mountains (hills) of Co.Wicklow Ireland. With easy access by public transport and car, its a fantastic venue. So don’t miss out!

Some bright spark had the idea to set up the event and here we are. Official website, rego form and everything else thrown in for good measure!

12-14 May 2017.

We have spaces available for the Saturday run ONLY. please read the form carefully

Day Rego Form

The bright sparks who are in charge of the event are:

  • Wedgie ( Paul Clinton) |
  • Vice Chair – Wicked Beaver ( Nici Roechert)| grand mistress of Irish Nash Hash
  • Hon Sec    – PHD ( Adrienne Thomas) | grand mistress of Irish Nash Hash
  • Hash Cash –   Dog On ( Allen Williams)
  • Haberdashery – JoyRider ( Anne McNulty)
  • Transport – Berni de Bus ( Bernadette Keogh) | grand mistress of Irish Nash Hash  Transport
  • Accommodation – Wicked Beaver/PHD/
  • Food – Stitch ( Catherine Glennon)

( as well as all the other hashers who are helping out, but too numerous to mention here)

Please click on the link below, as that will open up a second page with the Rego form. Its pretty simple to fill out. Read through the instructions on the Rego Form and voila!

Spaces are limited, so sign up quickly!

Rego Form


  • €220 until end of December
  • €240 from 1st Jan 2017
  • €260 from 1st April 2017

Please be aware that this is a strictly Adult event. No children are permitted.