5 weeks to go!

By now everyone who has registered for the event, will have gotten an infobooklet on how to get there, what to expect, theme of Saturday evening etc.

A lot of planning went into this and of course the writing up of the booklet, as it had to be understood by nitwits and those that might be inebriated….

In the coming weeks, this site will get a face lift. The webmistress has been a little bit busy with other things to do with the INH. From here on out, this will be the official portal for any future ( hopefully) Irish Nash Hashes. It will be easier to keep everything under one website, rather than having to create a new one each time we host one.

Wow, 5 weeks to go and so much to do for us lot! We are getting rather excited for the event to be finally here and want to thank all those that are coming to join us. There were a few bumps along the way, but it wouldn’t be a hash if there weren’t some.

If you have any queries regarding the weekend: any further help with figuring out transport, staying somewhere, the Monday hash etc. don’t hesitate to email us at dublinhashhouseharriers@gmail.com


On On

INH Committee


Who’s Cumming

Hash Name Kennel M/F
Wicked Beaver Dublin H3 F
Stitch Dublin H3 F
Rick O’Shay Dublin H3 M
STTI Dublin H3 F
Bernie de Bus Dublin H3 F
Rumpley Foreskin Key West H3 M
Hidden Asset Dublin H3 F
Limpy Wimpy Frankfurt H3 F
Red Bood Gives You Wings Dublin H3 F
MeMe Zürich H3 M
Sir Flakey Mijas H3 M
Stiffany Mijas H3 F
Lilo Lil Mijas H3 F
Eggshell Blonde Mijas H3 M
Run2Eat City of London H3 F
PHD Dublin H3 F
Padre Riviera H3 M
Slac Mac Fontainebleau H3 M
Treasure Chest Brussels Manneke Piss H3 F
Hot for Jizz Galway Bay H3 M
Just Yelana Galway Bay H3 F
Dr. PH Belfast H3 M
Keen Knickers Belfast H3 F
Chunder Woman Scarborough Happy H3 F
Haggissimo Aberdeen H3 M
Oral Sex Edinburgh H3 F
Banana Bender FUKFM H3 F
Ma Bouche Sans Clue H3 F
Crappy Strappy Sans Clue H3 F
Thomas the Drank Engins Dublin H3 M
Bummer Rutland H3 M
Canary Boy Rutland H3 M
Loves it Down Under Zürich H3 F
Shamcock Zürich H3 M
Slipper When Wet Newcastle H3 M
Red Stripe Aberdeen H3 F
Jetstream Cambridge H3 F
Unmentionable Cambridge H3 M
Mr. Stiffy Rutland H3 M
Bravefart Geneva H3 M
In tent Sex Geneva H3 F
Oxymoron Belfast H3 M
Contradiction Belfast H3 F
Mas Penis Por Favor North County ( San Diego) H3 F
Iron Lady Riviera H3 F
Numbskull Aberdeen H3 M
Fire-Flaps Aberdeen H3 F
No Satisfaction Riviera H3 F
Little Pinkie Riviera H3 M
Fairy Plunger Riviera H3 M
Seaman Monster Riviera H3 F
Drillbit Aberdeen H3 M
JoyRider Dublin H3 F
Wedgie Dublin H3 M
Cockatool Shetland H3 M
Nae Desperate Edinburgh H3 F
Headless Mullet Edinburgh H3 F
Stallion GG H3 M
Darling GG H3 F
Desperatedave Harrisburg-Hershey H5 M
Where’s Wooly Guernsey H3 F
19th Hole Yorkshire H3 F
Special Needs Vancouver H3 M
Humper FH3 M
Looselips FH3 F
Jobsworth Riviera H3 M
Stink Bomb Drunken Dragon H3 F
Sadist Riviera H3 M
Perpetual Motion Riviera H3 M